Edfolio's training - giving you the skills you need, driving improvements across organisations.

With your bespoke training plan, mapped out against Edfolio's unique 25-point leadership matrix, you know what training is right for you. That's when our training programmes come in.

Edfolio's training courses are designed to help the UK’s 5 million leaders and managers to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours with our new approach and unique value proposition. Here’s what makes our training special:​

  1. Collaborative learning alongside peers from your workplace and beyond. Rather than force people to learn alone, Edfolio will form an online community of leaders and managers who are facing similar challenges and learning to overcome them.

  2. Flexible learning styles delivered at a pace that works for you. As part of the Edfolio offer, there will be a range of resources to suit learning styles, from “how to” guides, coaching, videos, book clubs, briefing notes, peer-to-peer forums and even formal qualifications. Learning is self-paced.

  3. Responsive to the background and demands of the learner. Rather than try and make training that is "one size fits all", Edfolio's model first measures learners against our unique 25-point Leadership and Management Skills  Matrix. This makes sure that you do training that is right for you and has the biggest benefit.

  4. Practitioner-Led, with content developed by people who have actually been leaders and managers. You shouldn’t have to choose between content developed by a learning expert or by leaders who have “been there and done it”. All of Edfolio's content writers and coaches will be drawn from people with real, practical experience of leading and managing teams.

  5. Cost-Effective. For those undertaking a management qualification right now, there is usually a large upfront cost which either has to be paid in full or via a repayment scheme or loan. The Edfolio model - whether you are paying or your employer - always puts accessibility of cost front and centre. 

Collaborative. Flexible. Responsive. Practitioner-led. Cost-effective. The five principles that underpin Edfolio's approach to leadership and management training. 

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