Our unique model of essential leadership and management skills.

The expert team at Edfolio have created a unique, 25-point matrix of the skills that all leaders and managers - no matter what their level - need.

The matrix covers five key themes: self-management, strategy & vision, leading a team, delivering results, and continuous development. These are the five themes that capture the key functions of leaders and managers. 

Within each theme, there are five topics. For example, Leading a Team covers:

  1. Effective Communication

  2. Empowering Others

  3. Managing Meetings

  4. Decision-Making

  5. Project Management

At Edfolio, we use our Leadership & Management Skills Matrix in two important ways. Firstly, prior to delivering any training, we measure learners' competencies against the matrix. This helps everyone to understand where somebody is already at - because nobody is ever starting from scratch - and also the most important areas develop. We then structure our training against the matrix, with clarity on the skills being developed.

Scroll down to see a visual representation of the Edfolio Leadership & Management Skills Matrix.

Edfolio's Leadership & Management Skills Matrix

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