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Our first advert - ever!

We're pleased to share our first ever advert which will feature in the 2022 North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce Diary!

If you're a member of the chamber, look out for our advert in your 2022 Diary.

Lee Evans, our Founder, explained why he chose the Chamber Diary for our first ever advert:

" I've decided to make our first advertising investment in our local Chamber of Commerce's 2022 Members Yearbook & Diary. There are three key reasons why.

"Firstly, I want to support the local Chamber of Commerce and the work they do. Secondly, I'm hoping that it leads to some quality conversations with local businesses and organisations; the easiest people to meet in person will be those which are based nearby.

"Thirdly, and most importantly, I believe that quality leadership and management training will help us "level up" the country and reduce regional inequalities. By working first in my own area, the North West, I hope to play a small part in making that happen."

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